• Affordable Organization HACKS

    Are you spring cleaning?  Spring organizing?  I tend to have small moments of “I can’t handle ___this___ being a mess anymore.” And tackle things one by one, when I have the time.  Otherwise it gets to be overwhelming, and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives, now do we? 

    In comes these simple, quick and easy organization solutions that will help with your clutter!  Even better, these ideas are ALL budget-friendly since we are using Dollar Tree finds!  Cheap and easy are a winning combination when it comes to organization.  And when things are clean and organized, we can all function in our day to day lives, a little easier.  That is my hope for you!  Check out the video tutorial below for so many great ideas to get you motivated to get cleaning and get organizing! 

    Have you ever wanted a wrapping station? Didn’t want to spend a ton of money to do it?  Didn’t have the space to have one?  This ONE Dollar Tree item fixes all those problems.  It’s a HANDBAG organizer!  Can you even believe it? It has 3 pockets, it is small but mighty, and only $1.25!  Shown it has 5 rolls of (Dollar Tree) wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, scissors, tape and ribbon, all stored neatly together! So cute too, right!?

    Now imagine this with all your Christmas wrapping supplies! So handy!

    Want even more storage – make this double sided and add another one to the back and you have twice the storage space!  WOW! So so good for only $2.50 invested.

    The hook at the top allows you to store it in a closet or on a screw on the wall, as shown.  Love that!

    SEE MORE ways to use these Dollar Tree handbag organizers by clicking the video below.

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    There are a TON of great planter options at Dollar Tree during the spring and summer months.  Even some really neat ones you can use in interesting ways.  In this video tutorial I’m sharing a bunch of those ideas such as, an organization idea, garden idea, quick flip DIY, and more.

    This project was one of my favorites featured:

    Easy DIY Planter Fountain

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    -Large Planter
    -Small Planter
    -River Rocks
    -Pool Noodle


    Gather your supplies, everything except the fountain is from Dollar Tree.

    Take a large planter ($5 Dollar Tree Plus) and find a smaller planter ($1.25) that will sit down inside of it, and place it inside the larger planter, up-side-down.

    Cut up a pool noodle and use as a filler inside the planter, covering all the gaps.

    Put together the fountain (from AMAZON here) and place on top of smaller pot inside the planter.

    Cover the top with river rock.  Make sure to cover the pool noodle, top of inside smaller pot, fountain base and some of the cord to camouflage. Next, fill with water.

    Attach the power source (USB or solar panel) and your fountain is FINISHED!

    You can see this fountain in action and working in the video tutorial HERE.

    Lookin for MORE fun, simple, and easy ways to use Dollar Tree garden planters?  Click the video tutorial below!  I’m sure you’ll be running to Dollar Tree or your local Dollar Store after watching these awesome ideas!

    dollar tree planter DIYs Pinterest, planter diy, planter crafts, dollar tree diy, garden, spring, succulent, craft, the daily diyer
    dollar tree planter DIYs Pinterest, planter diy, planter crafts, dollar tree diy, garden, spring, succulent, craft, the daily diyer
  • Craft Room Organization

    Want to craft more efficiently? The key is having your craft supplies organized!  Craft room organization is key! Having a place for everything will make it easier for you to find your supplies when you are needing them in the middle of a project.

    No matter how small or big your space is, if it’s not organized, it’s going to be more difficult to make anything or just may take you a lot longer in the long run.

    As a DIY YouTuber, I can make 10 projects in a single day.  How? Well first it starts with a plan. What projects I want to make, an idea of the supplies I’ll need to make them and then I’m off and running – maybe after a good cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing.

    Then it’s having those most used supplies in their place, and at hand so I can grab and go.

    Then, another secret, I clean up after EVERY project.  It doesn’t take long to put supplies back in their place before I move onto the next. Unless I know I’ll need the same supply for the next project (ex: glue gun), everything goes back.

    When everything has a place, it doesn’t take long to get in a good rhythm and flow.  If you make crafts to sell or even just make a lot of crafts for gifts, you know time is important! Organization will help you put a lot more of your time into your crafting, and we could all use more of that.

    I also LOVE IKEA for craft room organization.  It’s not too pricey, they usually have multiples in stock so you if you need a lot, they have a lot. Many of their things are made to work together (ie: bookcases and the white storage containers stacked on top of them). If you don’t have an IKEA you can usually find similar items on Amazon and Walmart.

    My space has the IKEA kitchen island, shelves with drawers below, plastic bins, and a rolling drawer cart.

    My space is actually NOT very large. At the largest it’s 12’x10′. However, 3 shelves a work table and roll cart holds A TON of supplies in a compact space.  I also took advantage of the wall space to amplify the amount of storage. These are great tips for your craft room organization.

    See all of my Organization Secrets in the video linked below!  I hope it inspires and motivates you to tackle your own creative space!

  • Organization HACKS

    Organization can be overwhelming!  I get it! So how do we get around the part that seems to keep us from even getting started?  VIDEO MOTIVATION!  It is always inspiring to see someone else turn their unorganized space into a fully functional space again!  Something about it is so satisfying and motivational all at the same time.

    This video is just the motivation you need!  It shows you 25 EASY ways to use Dollar Tree organization finds in your home, to help you get organized!   We are keeping it cheap, quick, and EASY!  You got this!  Use these simple tips and tricks to get your home organized again!

    This is just one of the ideas from the 25 in the above linked video.  Take a Dollar Tree divider, turned on its side, and use it as a self of sorts to hold small box organizers (also from Dollar Tree!)  Amplify your storage space X’s four with this genius HACK!

    What would you use this system for?  Craft supplies like beads, notions, small findings? In a workshop for nails, screws, washers? On your vanity for jewelry?  Let me know your ideas in the comments!

    Click the button below to watch more Dollar Tree organization ideas!