• Dollar Tree Outdoor DIYs

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    HELLO SUNSHINE! Are you out in your yards or gardens soaking up the fresh air and sunshine?  It is so rewarding and refreshing. However, it can get pricy when you want to make things cute and functional out there!

    You can save some dough with this new video tutorial I’ll link below.  Or if nothing else you can use the money you save for more PLANTS!  If you know, you know.

    Let’s start with a super affordable and simple way to turn Dollar Tree planters into a high-end and useful planter garden.

    Frugal Planter with a High-End Look

    Pool Noodles
    Spray Paint
    – Soil/Plants
    BBQ Skewers
    -Rubber Band

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    You’ll need a good sized planter for this one.  I found a 14″ planter in the Dollar Tree Plus section for only $3.00!  That’s a great price for a planter this size!  They also had different colors to choose from.  I really wanted my to be oil rubbed bronze though, and that was an easy fix.

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    The fix: spray paint.  Quick, easy and drys fast.  It really took this pot from average to one that looks much more high-end.  If you run into bad weather and can’t spray paint outside – I highly recommend this paint tent.  It’s ready for in garages to keep the over spray from going everywhere.  Just make sure you have a doors/windows open to air out the fumes. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

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    I bet you red the supplies list above and thought “why pool noodles?” They make great fillers inside the bottom of large planters.  You cut them up into smaller pieces and put them in the bottom.  It does two things.  First, it is a space filler so you can use less of the pricey potting soil. aka – SAVES MONEY.  Second, it also makes the pots lighter incase you need to move them around.  Win/Win.
    Also, if you can find THIS KNIFE at Dollar Tree, grab it!  It works so well for cutting up the pool noodles! 

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    Of course, now we need to add soil and our plant(s) of choice.  I planted a blackberry bush here.  I have no idea how to take care of a blackberry bush but – here’s hoping I can this year!  All tips and advice are welcome!!! (leave them in the comments below)

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    Like the pool noodles, you also may be wondering why we need BBQ skewers, they are for the arbor we are going to create!  It’s super affordable and super easy.  Use these longer BBQ skewers you can find at Dollar Tree.  I would use at least four, I used six here.  You simply push them into the soil around the outside edge and gather the ends at the top.  To temporarily secure them, use a rubber band.  Likely that won’t hold up all season as the rubber band may dry rot from the sun and weather.  So over the top of the rubber band, wrap jute several times and tie in a knot for a more permanent solution.

    And there you have it!  Dollar Tree items turned into a high-end looking container garden!

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    Watch MORE Dollar Tree Outdoor HACKS Below!

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    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, planter, garden, outdoor decor, container garden, garden, arbor, patio, porch, deck, diy, craft, tutorial, the daily diyer, diy influencer, craft influencer
  • “Dollar Tree Planter DIYs

    There are SO MANY DIFFERENT types of planters at Dollar Tree!  HUGE planters in the Dollar Tree+, colorful planters, terra cotta planters, tiered planters, different shapes of planters and I’m here for it!  There were even ones with hooks on them this year, how cool is that!?

    Grab yourself a few after watching this easy to follow video tutorial.  It shows you how to make several different projects with Dollar Tree planters you will fall in love with!  A few are featured in the photo below.

    The side table (bottom left photo shown above) is so good for outdoors!  The price of outdoor furniture and even side tables seems extremely high in most stores lately.  You can create your own for about $5.00 using Dollar Tree supplies!  Want to see how you can make your own? Watch this video tutorial!

    Of course this side table also works indoors too!

    The tulips in the photo above are ALSO a Dollar Tree craft that you can learn how to make in THIS POST.  They are beautiful with a high-end look but without the expensive price tag.

    The wood planter tutorial the tulip flowers are in you can learn to make in the video links below!

    Enjoy creative friends!