• Simple DIYs using SEA SHELLS!

    Do you have a stash of old sea shells you’ve been collecting?  Yes?  AWESOME!  Grab them, let’s get to crafting!  No? NO WORRIES!  Head to Dollar Tree! They have an amazing selection of sea shells in a variety of styles and sizes.  Also check the small bottles that look like decor and pop the corks off, these are great mini shells to use for crafting too!

    In the video I’ll link at the bottom of this post you’ll find a video tutorial version of SEVERAL seas shell project you don’t want to miss!  There are nearly ten different projects!  I thought it would be fun to share at least one project from that video with you here, in blog form.

    What is our project tutorial today?

    DIY Resin Sea Shell Tray

    You’ll need to grab this plastic iridescent tray from Dollar Tree.  Right now they have a great selection of coastal and tropical themed items to choose from. However, check in their floral section for bags of sea shells that they carry year round.  This tray is about to get a really great upgrade!

    We will be using a two part resin to transform this tray.  Have you ever used resin before? It’s so fun if you haven’t!  If you have, then you already know how fun it is!  It’s also easy too. You can find the resin I’m using HERE on AMAZON.

    MUST DO: Wear a mask and gloves when working with resin! Also protect your work surface, I like to put down cardboard (thank you Amazon boxes).  It’s thick and you can toss it when you are done.

    How simple is resin? So easy, let me show you. You’ll need either a disposable container or a silicone reusable container and you’ll mix equal parts of the two part resin together and stir. 
    Example: I mixed 1.5 oz of the liquid hardener to 1.5 oz of the resin to a silicone measuring cup and used a popsicle stick to stir them together.

    TIP: work in smaller amounts, if possible, if you are first getting started.  Once you mix the two parts together, you create a reaction and the resin will start to set up.  You’ll have limited time to work with the mixture, so like I said, smaller amounts in layers, works best for smaller projects.

    Once you’ve mixed your first 3 oz. of resin together, pour it into the Dollar Tree sea shell tray.  This will create a nice base layer for our tray.

    Now resin is fun to work with but now is the really fun part.  You’ll now get a chance to place all your embellishments inside the tray and inside the resin.

    For this tray I used ALL Dollar Tree accessories: starfish, variety of sea shells, glass beads, and pearl beads.

    It was fun to arrange all of the pieces within the resin till it looked good in my eyes.  You get creative and add your own favorite elements to the resin to make it your own!

    When you are finished adding your treasures, you’ll pour more layers of resin on top until everything is covered.  Just make sure you don’t over fill the plastic shell tray or it will come spilling over the sides, and that’s not fun to clean up.

    This is our finished tray, 48 hours later!  The resin turns to a clear hard plastic.  It does take at least 24 hours for the resin to cure and harden so just check it before actually using it.  Mine, I let sit a good 48 hours just to be sure all was good.

    Now how do you use your new tray?

    Idea #1: (shown above) Use it as a collection tray!  It’s perfect to drop your keys or extra change near an entry way.  

    Idea #2: Use it as a candle holder!
    *WARNING* – Do NOT place a flame in direct contact with the resin, that is a big fire hazard

    I would suggest a contained candle – like my favorite candle in a mason jar shown above – Antique Candle Co candles
    An even better idea would be to use a battery powered LED candle instead.  Very little fire hazard there.

    See MORE Sea Shell DIYs and Idea in the video below

  • Dollar Tree Outdoor DIYs

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    HELLO SUNSHINE! Are you out in your yards or gardens soaking up the fresh air and sunshine?  It is so rewarding and refreshing. However, it can get pricy when you want to make things cute and functional out there!

    You can save some dough with this new video tutorial I’ll link below.  Or if nothing else you can use the money you save for more PLANTS!  If you know, you know.

    Let’s start with a super affordable and simple way to turn Dollar Tree planters into a high-end and useful planter garden.

    Frugal Planter with a High-End Look

    Pool Noodles
    Spray Paint
    – Soil/Plants
    BBQ Skewers
    -Rubber Band

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    You’ll need a good sized planter for this one.  I found a 14″ planter in the Dollar Tree Plus section for only $3.00!  That’s a great price for a planter this size!  They also had different colors to choose from.  I really wanted my to be oil rubbed bronze though, and that was an easy fix.

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    The fix: spray paint.  Quick, easy and drys fast.  It really took this pot from average to one that looks much more high-end.  If you run into bad weather and can’t spray paint outside – I highly recommend this paint tent.  It’s ready for in garages to keep the over spray from going everywhere.  Just make sure you have a doors/windows open to air out the fumes. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, pool noodle, pool noodle hacks, craft, diy, summer, garden, planter, the daily diyer, influencer, craft, diy, tutorial

    I bet you red the supplies list above and thought “why pool noodles?” They make great fillers inside the bottom of large planters.  You cut them up into smaller pieces and put them in the bottom.  It does two things.  First, it is a space filler so you can use less of the pricey potting soil. aka – SAVES MONEY.  Second, it also makes the pots lighter incase you need to move them around.  Win/Win.
    Also, if you can find THIS KNIFE at Dollar Tree, grab it!  It works so well for cutting up the pool noodles! 

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree planter, planter, garden, summer, spring, plants, the daily diyer, craft, diy, tutorial

    Of course, now we need to add soil and our plant(s) of choice.  I planted a blackberry bush here.  I have no idea how to take care of a blackberry bush but – here’s hoping I can this year!  All tips and advice are welcome!!! (leave them in the comments below)

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    Like the pool noodles, you also may be wondering why we need BBQ skewers, they are for the arbor we are going to create!  It’s super affordable and super easy.  Use these longer BBQ skewers you can find at Dollar Tree.  I would use at least four, I used six here.  You simply push them into the soil around the outside edge and gather the ends at the top.  To temporarily secure them, use a rubber band.  Likely that won’t hold up all season as the rubber band may dry rot from the sun and weather.  So over the top of the rubber band, wrap jute several times and tie in a knot for a more permanent solution.

    And there you have it!  Dollar Tree items turned into a high-end looking container garden!

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    Watch MORE Dollar Tree Outdoor HACKS Below!

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    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, planter, garden, outdoor decor, container garden, garden, arbor, patio, porch, deck, diy, craft, tutorial, the daily diyer, diy influencer, craft influencer
  • Affordable Organization HACKS

    Are you spring cleaning?  Spring organizing?  I tend to have small moments of “I can’t handle ___this___ being a mess anymore.” And tackle things one by one, when I have the time.  Otherwise it gets to be overwhelming, and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives, now do we? 

    In comes these simple, quick and easy organization solutions that will help with your clutter!  Even better, these ideas are ALL budget-friendly since we are using Dollar Tree finds!  Cheap and easy are a winning combination when it comes to organization.  And when things are clean and organized, we can all function in our day to day lives, a little easier.  That is my hope for you!  Check out the video tutorial below for so many great ideas to get you motivated to get cleaning and get organizing! 

    Have you ever wanted a wrapping station? Didn’t want to spend a ton of money to do it?  Didn’t have the space to have one?  This ONE Dollar Tree item fixes all those problems.  It’s a HANDBAG organizer!  Can you even believe it? It has 3 pockets, it is small but mighty, and only $1.25!  Shown it has 5 rolls of (Dollar Tree) wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, scissors, tape and ribbon, all stored neatly together! So cute too, right!?

    Now imagine this with all your Christmas wrapping supplies! So handy!

    Want even more storage – make this double sided and add another one to the back and you have twice the storage space!  WOW! So so good for only $2.50 invested.

    The hook at the top allows you to store it in a closet or on a screw on the wall, as shown.  Love that!

    SEE MORE ways to use these Dollar Tree handbag organizers by clicking the video below.

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  • Dollar Tree Upcycled Books

    How do you upcycle books? There are a lot of things you can do with old books – from book art, repurposing vintage books, using them in your home decor and more! I have a video to show you several easy and fun project ideas anyone can create!

    Where do you find affordable books? Dollar Tree has great hardback books, not just to read, but also to craft with!  Or maybe you already have some books around your own home you could grab and use for these ideas too.  Some of the best places to find books, at the best prices, are yard sales and thrift store.  I’ve come across some for as little as $.10 each!  So keep an eye open for those bargain finds.

    I’ll link the video of ideas below, but let me share my favorite project from the video first:

    DIY Book Box:

    -Hardback book
    Xacto knife
    -Scissors and/or Tin Snips
    -Scrapbook paper
    -Hot glue & Glue gun
    Wood stir sticks

    *TIP: Make sure the book page thickness is the same size as the paint stick you are using

    book box, upcycled book, thrift store, dollar tree, hiding place, the daily diyer

    Step 1:
    Cut the pages apart from the book.  To do that, you’ll take a knife, run it along the front cover and first page from top to bottom.  Flip it to the back cover and repeat – cut from the top to bottom of the back cover and last page.  You’ll now be able to pull the pages out of the book and are left with just the hard cover.
    *Save the pages for more crafting!

    upcycled book, book crafts, book art, dollar tree, diy, craft, tutorial, the daily diyer

    Step 2:
    Cut out scrapbook paper, the same size as the two inside covers, and glue in place.

    book art, upcycling book, upcycle, dollar tree, thrift flip, thrifted, diy, craft, tutorial, the daily diyer

    Step 3:
    Use thin wood stir sticks to create a box inside the book.  Measure the outside edges and use tin snips or scissors to cut wood stir sticks down to size.  Hot glue the sticks to the edge of the box.  I did the longer sides first, then cut the shorter sides, one at a time, to ensure a snug fit.  Make sure to add hot glue to the corners for a good seal, all the way around the box.

    book art, upcycling books, upcycled book, craft, diy, tutorial, book box, the daily diyer

    Step 4: 
    Add hot glue to the inside of the book’s spine, lift the spine to meet the stir stick next to it and glue in place.

    upcycling books, upcycle, thrift flip, book art, book box, tutorial, craft, diy, the daily diyer, craft influencer, diy influencer

    Add your treasures to the inside of your book and add back to a shelf or stack for a hidden spot disguised as a book!
    This would be cute on a desk to store your office supplies or on a vanity for jewelry and makeup. I also love the idea of this as an alternative to a gift box.  Add a gift card, money, notes, or little trinkets and then it’s two gifts in one!