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  • Dollar Tree Upcycled Books

    How do you upcycle books? There are a lot of things you can do with old books – from book art, repurposing vintage books, using them in your home decor and more! I have a video to show you several easy and fun project ideas anyone can create!

    Where do you find affordable books? Dollar Tree has great hardback books, not just to read, but also to craft with!  Or maybe you already have some books around your own home you could grab and use for these ideas too.  Some of the best places to find books, at the best prices, are yard sales and thrift store.  I’ve come across some for as little as $.10 each!  So keep an eye open for those bargain finds.

    I’ll link the video of ideas below, but let me share my favorite project from the video first:

    DIY Book Box:

    -Hardback book
    Xacto knife
    -Scissors and/or Tin Snips
    -Scrapbook paper
    -Hot glue & Glue gun
    Wood stir sticks

    *TIP: Make sure the book page thickness is the same size as the paint stick you are using

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    Step 1:
    Cut the pages apart from the book.  To do that, you’ll take a knife, run it along the front cover and first page from top to bottom.  Flip it to the back cover and repeat – cut from the top to bottom of the back cover and last page.  You’ll now be able to pull the pages out of the book and are left with just the hard cover.
    *Save the pages for more crafting!

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    Step 2:
    Cut out scrapbook paper, the same size as the two inside covers, and glue in place.

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    Step 3:
    Use thin wood stir sticks to create a box inside the book.  Measure the outside edges and use tin snips or scissors to cut wood stir sticks down to size.  Hot glue the sticks to the edge of the box.  I did the longer sides first, then cut the shorter sides, one at a time, to ensure a snug fit.  Make sure to add hot glue to the corners for a good seal, all the way around the box.

    book art, upcycling books, upcycled book, craft, diy, tutorial, book box, the daily diyer

    Step 4: 
    Add hot glue to the inside of the book’s spine, lift the spine to meet the stir stick next to it and glue in place.

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    Add your treasures to the inside of your book and add back to a shelf or stack for a hidden spot disguised as a book!
    This would be cute on a desk to store your office supplies or on a vanity for jewelry and makeup. I also love the idea of this as an alternative to a gift box.  Add a gift card, money, notes, or little trinkets and then it’s two gifts in one!