Anyone else OBSESSED with mason jars!?  I once did a craft show and my entire booth was mason jar theme.  Mason jar hacks, decor, door hangers, pictures, EVERYTHING was a mason jar or looked like one and people LOVED it!  Customers tore through my inventory and let’s just say, it was a great day.

It seems only natural to share many of the fun ideas I’ve tried myself over the years and compile it all together in this one big amazing video.

The photo above features just three of the 50 ideas in this inspiring video tutorial.  It is just PACKED full of ideas and inspiration.  You’ll be running to the store or tearing through your cabinets to find as many mason jars as you can to recreate many of the ideas.

Head over and WATCH THE VIDEO 


Mason Jar
White School Glue
1 Drop Food Coloring
Paint Brush

-Pour out a small amount of school glue into a bowl
-Mix in 1 drop of food coloring
-Paint mason jar with the colored glue
-Allow jar to sit and dry overnight

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