Dollar Store Crafts

Projects made from supplies found at the Dollar Store

  • Easy Patriotic Dollar Tree Crafts: DIY Popsicle Banner

    With summer in full swing and the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s the ideal time to unleash your creativity and embark on exciting patriotic Dollar Tree crafts. I’m sharing my favorite 20 Patriotic Dollar Tree crafts over on YouTube.

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     In this post, I’ll guide you through the steps to create a bomb-pop popsicle banner using affordable materials from Dollar Tree. Perfect for adding a patriotic touch to your mantle or any festive occasion. This craft is both enjoyable and budget-friendly. So let’s dive in and create a delightful popsicle banner!

    To create this Dollar Tree popsicle banner, follow these simple steps:

    Easy Patriotic Dollar Tree Crafts: DIY Popsicle Banner

    Step 1: Download and Cut Out the Popsicle Printouts.  


    Start by clicking on this free printable to access the bomb-pop-style popsicle printouts. Print them out on cardstock or heavy paper, and carefully cut them out along the outline.

    Dollar Tree DIY, 4th of July, patriotic, popsicle banner, summer craft, the daily diyer, craft influencer, diy influencer

    Step 2: Prepare the Popsicle Sticks

    Head over to Dollar Tree and grab some wide popsicle sticks. Using tin snips, cut the sticks in half lengthwise. This step allows you to make the most of your materials and creates a perfect base for your popsicles.

    Step 3: Attach the Sticks and Create Hanging Holes

    Using hot glue, secure each cut popsicle stick to the back of a popsicle printout, making sure to align them properly. Then, use a hole puncher to create a hole at the top of each popsicle cutout. Repeat this process until all the popsicle printouts have a stick attached and a hole at the top.

    Crafting doesn’t have to break the bank, and with a little imagination, you can transform simple items into stunning decorations. This popsicle banner is a perfect addition to your summer decor, infusing a patriotic touch into your home. Whether you’re hosting a Fourth of July gathering or simply want to celebrate the summer season, this DIY project will surely impress your guests and add a festive flair to any space. Looking for more patriotic Dollar Tree DIYs? Head over to my YouTube channel for 20 more patriotic Dollar Tree DIYs.


    Create even MORE fun and easy patriotic projects for the 4th of July with these 6 FREE Printables! From cards, to home decor, party favors and more!  Sky is the limit with these printables!  Download them, print them, and use your own creativity to make your own red, white, and blue crafts and DIYs!

  • Simple DIYs using SEA SHELLS!

    Do you have a stash of old sea shells you’ve been collecting?  Yes?  AWESOME!  Grab them, let’s get to crafting!  No? NO WORRIES!  Head to Dollar Tree! They have an amazing selection of sea shells in a variety of styles and sizes.  Also check the small bottles that look like decor and pop the corks off, these are great mini shells to use for crafting too!

    In the video I’ll link at the bottom of this post you’ll find a video tutorial version of SEVERAL seas shell project you don’t want to miss!  There are nearly ten different projects!  I thought it would be fun to share at least one project from that video with you here, in blog form.

    What is our project tutorial today?

    DIY Resin Sea Shell Tray

    You’ll need to grab this plastic iridescent tray from Dollar Tree.  Right now they have a great selection of coastal and tropical themed items to choose from. However, check in their floral section for bags of sea shells that they carry year round.  This tray is about to get a really great upgrade!

    We will be using a two part resin to transform this tray.  Have you ever used resin before? It’s so fun if you haven’t!  If you have, then you already know how fun it is!  It’s also easy too. You can find the resin I’m using HERE on AMAZON.

    MUST DO: Wear a mask and gloves when working with resin! Also protect your work surface, I like to put down cardboard (thank you Amazon boxes).  It’s thick and you can toss it when you are done.

    How simple is resin? So easy, let me show you. You’ll need either a disposable container or a silicone reusable container and you’ll mix equal parts of the two part resin together and stir. 
    Example: I mixed 1.5 oz of the liquid hardener to 1.5 oz of the resin to a silicone measuring cup and used a popsicle stick to stir them together.

    TIP: work in smaller amounts, if possible, if you are first getting started.  Once you mix the two parts together, you create a reaction and the resin will start to set up.  You’ll have limited time to work with the mixture, so like I said, smaller amounts in layers, works best for smaller projects.

    Once you’ve mixed your first 3 oz. of resin together, pour it into the Dollar Tree sea shell tray.  This will create a nice base layer for our tray.

    Now resin is fun to work with but now is the really fun part.  You’ll now get a chance to place all your embellishments inside the tray and inside the resin.

    For this tray I used ALL Dollar Tree accessories: starfish, variety of sea shells, glass beads, and pearl beads.

    It was fun to arrange all of the pieces within the resin till it looked good in my eyes.  You get creative and add your own favorite elements to the resin to make it your own!

    When you are finished adding your treasures, you’ll pour more layers of resin on top until everything is covered.  Just make sure you don’t over fill the plastic shell tray or it will come spilling over the sides, and that’s not fun to clean up.

    This is our finished tray, 48 hours later!  The resin turns to a clear hard plastic.  It does take at least 24 hours for the resin to cure and harden so just check it before actually using it.  Mine, I let sit a good 48 hours just to be sure all was good.

    Now how do you use your new tray?

    Idea #1: (shown above) Use it as a collection tray!  It’s perfect to drop your keys or extra change near an entry way.  

    Idea #2: Use it as a candle holder!
    *WARNING* – Do NOT place a flame in direct contact with the resin, that is a big fire hazard

    I would suggest a contained candle – like my favorite candle in a mason jar shown above – Antique Candle Co candles
    An even better idea would be to use a battery powered LED candle instead.  Very little fire hazard there.

    See MORE Sea Shell DIYs and Idea in the video below

  • DIYing Mystery Dollar Tree items

    What is the Mystery Box Challenge?

    In short form, the Mystery Box Challenge, is a box filled with random Dollar Tree items that the recipient has to use to craft with.

    I joined in with this amazing group of talented YouTube DIYers to take part in the Mystery Box Challenge!  This month and this round, like always, has a different twist than other challenges in the past.  So what was it this go around?

    -One project we couldn’t use adhesive, yep, that was a thing
    -Two Challenge items HAVE to be used, yep, those were tough
    and the rest is just a box of random things we had to craft our way through

    What was in my box?

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    You’ll have to watch the FULL VIDEO to see ALL the items that were in my mystery box.  I thought it would be fun to share at least one project from this mystery box with you though.  Let’s walk through it, THEN click the link at the bottom of this post to see them all.

    DIY Wood Beach House

    Dollar tree, dollar tree diy, spray paint, home decor, beach house coastal, the daily diyer, craft, tutorial, diy

    Dollar Tree has a great selection of wood pieces for crafting, including a wood scrap that is shaped like a simple house.  I spray painted that with this spray paint to give it a beach house vibe.

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, beach house, wood house, wood project, craft, diy, tutorial, mod podge, burlap, ribbon, the daily diyer, influencer

    It took about three coats of spray paint to get good covered, but isn’t it a pretty and beachy color? We are going to add more detail to this house and give it a burlap ribbon roof.  I didn’t want bunch of hot glue showing through the burlap so Mod Podge was the answer for the front here.  Add the Mod Podge adhesive to the roof area, lay the burlap in the glue, and then add more Mod Podge on top of the burlap to seal the fabric to the front.  The glue goes on white but will dry clear if you don’t use too much.

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar store, beach, beach house, wood project, home decor, summer, coastal, tropical, diy, craft, craft influencer, diy influencer, the daily diyer, tutorial

    It is a good idea to use hot glue at the top of the roof line to give the burlap fabric more hold.  Between the Mod Podge and the hot glue the burlap fabric should stay down for you.  Then you’ll need to flip the house to the back and trim off any excess fabric with your scissors.  

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar store, wood project, beach house, vinyl, decal, coastal, tropical, tiered tray, craft, diy, tutorial, craft influencer, diy influencer, the daily diyer

    This is a better look at the house once the burlap fabric has been trimmed off and flipped back to the front.  Let’s dress this up a little further with a vinyl decal.  I found this design on Creative Fabrica.  If you haven’t been to this crafter idea heaven –  CLICK HERE AND GO NOW.  Ideas, files, fonts, crafts, and classes GALORE!  It’s amazing!  I typed in “beach house” and found this SVG file.  I cut it out using my Cricut Explore 3 on white matte vinyl and applied it to the front of the house with transfer tape.

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    And if you can’t leave well enough alone, like me here, let’s add some additional embellishments.  Both elements, the rope and mini sea shells, are both from Dollar Tree.  Use your hot glue to add a line of adhesive to the top line of the roof and add the nautical rope.  It really does help define the roofline.  Next, add a couple small sea shells to the front for a bit of added detail that I think really brings the whole look together.

    There she is!  Our finished Dollar Tree wood house turned coastal beach house in just a few steps!  This smaller scale tiered tray is from the Target Dollar Spot, along with the lantern and white ceramic house.  Everything else is DOLLAR TREE!  You may notice the “beach vibes” block and some little steps that are the same blue at the bottom, both of those projects are featured in this video that I’ll link below.  You don’t want to miss those DIYs!  There are some twists and turns in the tutorial… it’s like a story and you’re not sure how it will all turn out in the end.  Well you kind of do with this tiered tray, and I will have to say, this one turned out great in the end!  

    Want to see more?  CLICK BELOW!

    Click below to see the FULL video!

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  • Dollar Tree Outdoor DIYs

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    HELLO SUNSHINE! Are you out in your yards or gardens soaking up the fresh air and sunshine?  It is so rewarding and refreshing. However, it can get pricy when you want to make things cute and functional out there!

    You can save some dough with this new video tutorial I’ll link below.  Or if nothing else you can use the money you save for more PLANTS!  If you know, you know.

    Let’s start with a super affordable and simple way to turn Dollar Tree planters into a high-end and useful planter garden.

    Frugal Planter with a High-End Look

    Pool Noodles
    Spray Paint
    – Soil/Plants
    BBQ Skewers
    -Rubber Band

    dollar tree, dollar tree planter, dollar Tree diy, diy, craft, tutorial, dollar store, the daily diyer

    You’ll need a good sized planter for this one.  I found a 14″ planter in the Dollar Tree Plus section for only $3.00!  That’s a great price for a planter this size!  They also had different colors to choose from.  I really wanted my to be oil rubbed bronze though, and that was an easy fix.

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, planter, garden, spray paint, paint tent, the daily diyer, diy, craft, tutorial, craft influencer

    The fix: spray paint.  Quick, easy and drys fast.  It really took this pot from average to one that looks much more high-end.  If you run into bad weather and can’t spray paint outside – I highly recommend this paint tent.  It’s ready for in garages to keep the over spray from going everywhere.  Just make sure you have a doors/windows open to air out the fumes. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, pool noodle, pool noodle hacks, craft, diy, summer, garden, planter, the daily diyer, influencer, craft, diy, tutorial

    I bet you red the supplies list above and thought “why pool noodles?” They make great fillers inside the bottom of large planters.  You cut them up into smaller pieces and put them in the bottom.  It does two things.  First, it is a space filler so you can use less of the pricey potting soil. aka – SAVES MONEY.  Second, it also makes the pots lighter incase you need to move them around.  Win/Win.
    Also, if you can find THIS KNIFE at Dollar Tree, grab it!  It works so well for cutting up the pool noodles! 

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree planter, planter, garden, summer, spring, plants, the daily diyer, craft, diy, tutorial

    Of course, now we need to add soil and our plant(s) of choice.  I planted a blackberry bush here.  I have no idea how to take care of a blackberry bush but – here’s hoping I can this year!  All tips and advice are welcome!!! (leave them in the comments below)

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, planter, garden, spring, summer, the daily diyer, diy, craft, project, bbq, skewers, plant, container garden, tutorial

    Like the pool noodles, you also may be wondering why we need BBQ skewers, they are for the arbor we are going to create!  It’s super affordable and super easy.  Use these longer BBQ skewers you can find at Dollar Tree.  I would use at least four, I used six here.  You simply push them into the soil around the outside edge and gather the ends at the top.  To temporarily secure them, use a rubber band.  Likely that won’t hold up all season as the rubber band may dry rot from the sun and weather.  So over the top of the rubber band, wrap jute several times and tie in a knot for a more permanent solution.

    And there you have it!  Dollar Tree items turned into a high-end looking container garden!

    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, diy, craft, tutorial, home decor, outdoor decor, planter, solar light, garden, the daily diyer, diy influencer, craft influencer

    Watch MORE Dollar Tree Outdoor HACKS Below!

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    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, summer, spring, outdoor, garden, patio, deck, diy, craft, tutorial, solar lights, planters, the daily diyer, craft influencer, diy influencer
    dollar tree, dollar tree diy, dollar tree hacks, planter, garden, outdoor decor, container garden, garden, arbor, patio, porch, deck, diy, craft, tutorial, the daily diyer, diy influencer, craft influencer