Dollar Store Crafts

Projects made from supplies found at the Dollar Store


    Anyone else OBSESSED with mason jars!?  I once did a craft show and my entire booth was mason jar theme.  Mason jar hacks, decor, door hangers, pictures, EVERYTHING was a mason jar or looked like one and people LOVED it!  Customers tore through my inventory and let’s just say, it was a great day.

    It seems only natural to share many of the fun ideas I’ve tried myself over the years and compile it all together in this one big amazing video.

    The photo above features just three of the 50 ideas in this inspiring video tutorial.  It is just PACKED full of ideas and inspiration.  You’ll be running to the store or tearing through your cabinets to find as many mason jars as you can to recreate many of the ideas.

    Head over and WATCH THE VIDEO 


    Mason Jar
    White School Glue
    1 Drop Food Coloring
    Paint Brush

    -Pour out a small amount of school glue into a bowl
    -Mix in 1 drop of food coloring
    -Paint mason jar with the colored glue
    -Allow jar to sit and dry overnight

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    For more simple, easy and inexpensive mason jar project like the frosted mason jar projects above – click the link below!

  • “Dollar Tree Planter DIYs

    There are SO MANY DIFFERENT types of planters at Dollar Tree!  HUGE planters in the Dollar Tree+, colorful planters, terra cotta planters, tiered planters, different shapes of planters and I’m here for it!  There were even ones with hooks on them this year, how cool is that!?

    Grab yourself a few after watching this easy to follow video tutorial.  It shows you how to make several different projects with Dollar Tree planters you will fall in love with!  A few are featured in the photo below.

    The side table (bottom left photo shown above) is so good for outdoors!  The price of outdoor furniture and even side tables seems extremely high in most stores lately.  You can create your own for about $5.00 using Dollar Tree supplies!  Want to see how you can make your own? Watch this video tutorial!

    Of course this side table also works indoors too!

    The tulips in the photo above are ALSO a Dollar Tree craft that you can learn how to make in THIS POST.  They are beautiful with a high-end look but without the expensive price tag.

    The wood planter tutorial the tulip flowers are in you can learn to make in the video links below!

    Enjoy creative friends!

  • $1 Easter Egg Crafts

    Who knew you could make so many cute and fun things with plastic Easter eggs! Save yourself so much money shopping at Dollar Tree for their plastic eggs and transform them into high-end spring decor.  Many of these ideas would cost you much more shopping retail and purchasing  them outright.  WHY pay a fortune when you can make them yourself?!

    Ideas included in this video – a wreath, Easter egg tree, string of egg lights, washcloth bunnies, kids egg shakers, an Easter egg countdown and MORE!

    Click the video below to watch!

    Do you remember making washcloth bunnies years ago?  I remember my grandmother making them.  I remember getting them as gifts from teachers at school, and now I have passed this fun craft onto my own kids.  I love that projects like this can come back around again.  It just doesn’t get old.  I also love that Dollar Tree carries washcloths, 2 in a pack for $1.25. I believe you probably could even get a better deal on AMAZON buying washcloths in bulk packs. It’s such an affordable and quick project.

    Never made a washcloth bunny before?  CLICK HERE and I’ll show you how!

    Enjoy projects like these?  Want an update when new ideas are posted?  


  • $1 Peel & Stick Tile DIYs

    There are several different styles of these tiles available at Dollar Tree so grab your favorite and get to crafting!

    I have 10 simple and quick ideas in the video linked below.  From dressing up a vase and tray to making your own inexpensive but chic napkin rings!  

    This tray project only cost $2.50!  Can you believe the tray is from Dollar Tree too? The addition of the tile just made this piece look drab to high end!  I also used some Silver Leaf RubNBuff on the entire tray to give it a beautiful metallic finish.

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