• Easy Patriotic Dollar Tree Crafts: DIY Popsicle Banner

    With summer in full swing and the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s the ideal time to unleash your creativity and embark on exciting patriotic Dollar Tree crafts. I’m sharing my favorite 20 Patriotic Dollar Tree crafts over on YouTube.

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     In this post, I’ll guide you through the steps to create a bomb-pop popsicle banner using affordable materials from Dollar Tree. Perfect for adding a patriotic touch to your mantle or any festive occasion. This craft is both enjoyable and budget-friendly. So let’s dive in and create a delightful popsicle banner!

    To create this Dollar Tree popsicle banner, follow these simple steps:

    Easy Patriotic Dollar Tree Crafts: DIY Popsicle Banner

    Step 1: Download and Cut Out the Popsicle Printouts.  


    Start by clicking on this free printable to access the bomb-pop-style popsicle printouts. Print them out on cardstock or heavy paper, and carefully cut them out along the outline.

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    Step 2: Prepare the Popsicle Sticks

    Head over to Dollar Tree and grab some wide popsicle sticks. Using tin snips, cut the sticks in half lengthwise. This step allows you to make the most of your materials and creates a perfect base for your popsicles.

    Step 3: Attach the Sticks and Create Hanging Holes

    Using hot glue, secure each cut popsicle stick to the back of a popsicle printout, making sure to align them properly. Then, use a hole puncher to create a hole at the top of each popsicle cutout. Repeat this process until all the popsicle printouts have a stick attached and a hole at the top.

    Crafting doesn’t have to break the bank, and with a little imagination, you can transform simple items into stunning decorations. This popsicle banner is a perfect addition to your summer decor, infusing a patriotic touch into your home. Whether you’re hosting a Fourth of July gathering or simply want to celebrate the summer season, this DIY project will surely impress your guests and add a festive flair to any space. Looking for more patriotic Dollar Tree DIYs? Head over to my YouTube channel for 20 more patriotic Dollar Tree DIYs.


    Create even MORE fun and easy patriotic projects for the 4th of July with these 6 FREE Printables! From cards, to home decor, party favors and more!  Sky is the limit with these printables!  Download them, print them, and use your own creativity to make your own red, white, and blue crafts and DIYs!

  • Spring Thrift Flips

    Save SO. MUCH. MONEY. shopping at the thrift store for your home decor and organization needs.  Many items you can find, nearly brand new, at a fraction of the cost.  The wreath below is a wicker wreath, nicer than the traditional grapevine wreath, and retails for around $20.  This one was only $3 at the thrift store! 85% OFF retail!  I used flowers I already had on hand and two $1.25 greenery stems from Dollar Tree (you know I love DT!) to make a wreath for under $6!  A STEAL!  It is the perfect spring pop of color and flowers to our front door and was super easy to make too.  You can watch it come together by CLICKING HERE

    Thrifted Spring Wreath

    I featured this fun new glue skillet of mine in the video.  If you’ve never had one before, they are SO GOOD for floral arranging and wreath making.  You can find it on AMAZON HERE

    Thrifted Ornate Gold Frame

    The wreath is just one of the many thrift flips in this video tutorial.  I also found a BEAUTIFUL ornate gold frame.  These frames are in high demand right now and hard to find, so when I dug and found this one in the stacks of frames at the thrift store for only $2.00, I was sort of shocked.  It has some issues such as cracks and an entire corner missing but I was up for the challenge.  You can see how I brought this frame back to life by CLICKING HERE , but the end result looks like a million bucks.  I feel like this project is the perfect example of how you can get a high-end and on-trend piece and also save a bundle of money.

    thrift flip, upcycle, ornate gold frame, Upcycled crafts, Thrift flipping, DIY upcycling, thrift store

    I’ve also included two FREE landscape art printables you can download and use in your own frames.  They are perfect for any size or style frames you have, not just the gold detailed frames, so get to creating with these free graphics! 

    ALWAYS clean and disinfect your thrift store treasures and finds before using them.  Soap and water is always a good way to go, or my favorite antibacterial spray is MICROBAN – you can find it on AMAZON HERE

    Head on over to WATCH ALL THE FLIPS

  • Craft Room Organization

    Want to craft more efficiently? The key is having your craft supplies organized!  Craft room organization is key! Having a place for everything will make it easier for you to find your supplies when you are needing them in the middle of a project.

    No matter how small or big your space is, if it’s not organized, it’s going to be more difficult to make anything or just may take you a lot longer in the long run.

    As a DIY YouTuber, I can make 10 projects in a single day.  How? Well first it starts with a plan. What projects I want to make, an idea of the supplies I’ll need to make them and then I’m off and running – maybe after a good cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing.

    Then it’s having those most used supplies in their place, and at hand so I can grab and go.

    Then, another secret, I clean up after EVERY project.  It doesn’t take long to put supplies back in their place before I move onto the next. Unless I know I’ll need the same supply for the next project (ex: glue gun), everything goes back.

    When everything has a place, it doesn’t take long to get in a good rhythm and flow.  If you make crafts to sell or even just make a lot of crafts for gifts, you know time is important! Organization will help you put a lot more of your time into your crafting, and we could all use more of that.

    I also LOVE IKEA for craft room organization.  It’s not too pricey, they usually have multiples in stock so you if you need a lot, they have a lot. Many of their things are made to work together (ie: bookcases and the white storage containers stacked on top of them). If you don’t have an IKEA you can usually find similar items on Amazon and Walmart.

    My space has the IKEA kitchen island, shelves with drawers below, plastic bins, and a rolling drawer cart.

    My space is actually NOT very large. At the largest it’s 12’x10′. However, 3 shelves a work table and roll cart holds A TON of supplies in a compact space.  I also took advantage of the wall space to amplify the amount of storage. These are great tips for your craft room organization.

    See all of my Organization Secrets in the video linked below!  I hope it inspires and motivates you to tackle your own creative space!

  • $1 Easter Egg Crafts

    Who knew you could make so many cute and fun things with plastic Easter eggs! Save yourself so much money shopping at Dollar Tree for their plastic eggs and transform them into high-end spring decor.  Many of these ideas would cost you much more shopping retail and purchasing  them outright.  WHY pay a fortune when you can make them yourself?!

    Ideas included in this video – a wreath, Easter egg tree, string of egg lights, washcloth bunnies, kids egg shakers, an Easter egg countdown and MORE!

    Click the video below to watch!

    Do you remember making washcloth bunnies years ago?  I remember my grandmother making them.  I remember getting them as gifts from teachers at school, and now I have passed this fun craft onto my own kids.  I love that projects like this can come back around again.  It just doesn’t get old.  I also love that Dollar Tree carries washcloths, 2 in a pack for $1.25. I believe you probably could even get a better deal on AMAZON buying washcloths in bulk packs. It’s such an affordable and quick project.

    Never made a washcloth bunny before?  CLICK HERE and I’ll show you how!

    Enjoy projects like these?  Want an update when new ideas are posted?