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  • Spring Dollar Tree DIYs

    Is it spring yet!? YES, IT FINALLY IS SPRING!  Whether it feels like it, that’s a different story.  Here in the midwest, it is all over the place.  Nonetheless, we are decorating for spring around here.

    We are transforming inexpensive Dollar Tree finds with decorative scrapbook paper into beautiful Spring DIYs and  home decor in this brand new video!  It is packed with great paper flower ideas, big and small.

    The burlap Dollar Tree banner project is one of my favorites in this video, but there are so many great ideas you have to see! Let me show you how easy it is to make this banner first.

    DIY Spring Burlap Banner

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    Grab this burlap banner from Dollar Tree (here is a similar banner on Amazon), it will save you a TON of time!  It’s already cut and hung on jute.  It has 6 flags on it which just happens to work out for the word “SPRING.”  Add more or remove to adjust for your desired word(s).

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    Time to add the letters, one on each flag.  I used my Cricut machine and cut out matte white vinyl to size and applied them without any type of transfer tape.  Since they are small enough, you can just peel each letter from the paper backing and place directly onto the burlap.
    If you don’t have a vinyl machine to cut out your own letters, head to the craft store and pick up some medium sized stickers from the scrapbook section.

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    Within the Cricut Design Space I found a “Spring Wreath” project that made things super easy.  It already had different sized flowers, the flower centers, and the leaves all laid out.  I did scale them down a bit and didn’t use all the flowers. I ran each page through the Cricut as directed in Design Space (5 colors) and made enough to create 6 flowers.
    Again, if you don’t have a vinyl machine, grab a detail pair of scissors and get to cutting.  You can do less layers and less detailed flowers for a more simple look that will take a lot less time to cut out.
    This is a key reason I LOVE my Cricut, TIME SAVER.

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    This is the part where you can get creative in how you build you flowers. Mix and match the colors, add a fun flower center and leaves, and curl the edges with your finger nails or a popsicle stick.  This will really give your flowers life and “fluff.”
    Use hot glue to attach your flower layers together for a strong bond.
    Again, you’ll need 6 flowers total for this “SPRING” banner.

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    This is where your banner is really going to POP!  Hot glue a flower onto each on of the flags.  I added mine to the top left corner and alternated the two colors.

    Hang your banner!  I layered mine with this cute beaded and bunny garland I found at HomeGoods but it looks simple enough, I’m sure it could be a DIY project you could recreate too.

    MORE Dollar Tree Spring DIYs w/ Scrapbook Paper:

    See MORE paper flower crafts paired with Dollar Tree finds to elevate your home this spring! Click this video above!

  • $1 Easter Egg Crafts

    Who knew you could make so many cute and fun things with plastic Easter eggs! Save yourself so much money shopping at Dollar Tree for their plastic eggs and transform them into high-end spring decor.  Many of these ideas would cost you much more shopping retail and purchasing  them outright.  WHY pay a fortune when you can make them yourself?!

    Ideas included in this video – a wreath, Easter egg tree, string of egg lights, washcloth bunnies, kids egg shakers, an Easter egg countdown and MORE!

    Click the video below to watch!

    Do you remember making washcloth bunnies years ago?  I remember my grandmother making them.  I remember getting them as gifts from teachers at school, and now I have passed this fun craft onto my own kids.  I love that projects like this can come back around again.  It just doesn’t get old.  I also love that Dollar Tree carries washcloths, 2 in a pack for $1.25. I believe you probably could even get a better deal on AMAZON buying washcloths in bulk packs. It’s such an affordable and quick project.

    Never made a washcloth bunny before?  CLICK HERE and I’ll show you how!

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