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    Anyone else OBSESSED with mason jars!?  I once did a craft show and my entire booth was mason jar theme.  Mason jar hacks, decor, door hangers, pictures, EVERYTHING was a mason jar or looked like one and people LOVED it!  Customers tore through my inventory and let’s just say, it was a great day.

    It seems only natural to share many of the fun ideas I’ve tried myself over the years and compile it all together in this one big amazing video.

    The photo above features just three of the 50 ideas in this inspiring video tutorial.  It is just PACKED full of ideas and inspiration.  You’ll be running to the store or tearing through your cabinets to find as many mason jars as you can to recreate many of the ideas.

    Head over and WATCH THE VIDEO 


    Mason Jar
    White School Glue
    1 Drop Food Coloring
    Paint Brush

    -Pour out a small amount of school glue into a bowl
    -Mix in 1 drop of food coloring
    -Paint mason jar with the colored glue
    -Allow jar to sit and dry overnight

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    For more simple, easy and inexpensive mason jar project like the frosted mason jar projects above – click the link below!

  • Craft Room Organization

    Want to craft more efficiently? The key is having your craft supplies organized!  Craft room organization is key! Having a place for everything will make it easier for you to find your supplies when you are needing them in the middle of a project.

    No matter how small or big your space is, if it’s not organized, it’s going to be more difficult to make anything or just may take you a lot longer in the long run.

    As a DIY YouTuber, I can make 10 projects in a single day.  How? Well first it starts with a plan. What projects I want to make, an idea of the supplies I’ll need to make them and then I’m off and running – maybe after a good cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing.

    Then it’s having those most used supplies in their place, and at hand so I can grab and go.

    Then, another secret, I clean up after EVERY project.  It doesn’t take long to put supplies back in their place before I move onto the next. Unless I know I’ll need the same supply for the next project (ex: glue gun), everything goes back.

    When everything has a place, it doesn’t take long to get in a good rhythm and flow.  If you make crafts to sell or even just make a lot of crafts for gifts, you know time is important! Organization will help you put a lot more of your time into your crafting, and we could all use more of that.

    I also LOVE IKEA for craft room organization.  It’s not too pricey, they usually have multiples in stock so you if you need a lot, they have a lot. Many of their things are made to work together (ie: bookcases and the white storage containers stacked on top of them). If you don’t have an IKEA you can usually find similar items on Amazon and Walmart.

    My space has the IKEA kitchen island, shelves with drawers below, plastic bins, and a rolling drawer cart.

    My space is actually NOT very large. At the largest it’s 12’x10′. However, 3 shelves a work table and roll cart holds A TON of supplies in a compact space.  I also took advantage of the wall space to amplify the amount of storage. These are great tips for your craft room organization.

    See all of my Organization Secrets in the video linked below!  I hope it inspires and motivates you to tackle your own creative space!


    PopShelf! Think of it like a combination of Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and 5Below.  Awesome finds and great deals on nice quality products.

    What kind of products?  What products do they not have, is more like the question.  It’s a small department store, with lots of different sections.

    My favorite, the seasonal and the crafts sections, of course!  I was impressed with the variety of craft supplies they carry!  Needle crafts, findings, paper crafting, tie-dye, wood projects, kids crafts, yarn supplies, adhesives, tools, and the list goes on!

    The seasonal, currently is a mix of Easter and Spring, plus gardening.  It made me so excited to think that warmer weather is soon to come!  This would be the perfect store to get your Easter baskets and fillers because they had a lot to choose from.

    Other departments: home decor, jewelry, pets, organization, bathroom, kitchen, personal care (shampoo, soaps, spa items), party supplies, electronics, candy, bins and baskets galore and more!

    Click the video below and I’ll take you inside with me!

    I also shared with you some of the products I purchased and test them out for you, on camera, in real time!  You will also see how I styled some of the decor items (there are a couple of samples below)

    If you like a fun shopping experience, with affordable unique finds, and items for your entire home, PopShelf is a store for you!  Our whole family enjoyed our first trip into this store and can’t wait to go visit again!  Check their website to see if they have a store near you!

    In the mean time – WATCH THE VIDEO – for a sneak peek inside

  • 25 Easter Crafts & DIY Decor

    Spring has sprung!  It’s fun to add some color to your home decor just like the Earth is decorating with its blooming trees, colorful flowers, and green grass!  Mimicking the outdoors and bringing a pop of that indoors can change to whole feel of a space.

    You can change your decor over to spring without a large investment, and minimal shopping.  Let’s dive into our craft stashes, old seasonal decor from the year before and a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot! That’s all we will need to recreate these 25 EASY and affordable Easter DIY decor ideas!

    This is just ONE of the 25 projects in this video, and you’ll only need just a couple Dollar Tree supplies.  Grab a pack of their three canvas bags and a Easter craft kit with pompoms.  See how you can make this easy project in the video tutorial here.  It’s a fun and cute way to give someone treats, candy, small gifts.  Another great idea would be to add potpourri for a cute springtime scented sachet.

    This cute Easter bunny peaking out from behind an Easter egg makes for the cutest tabletop Easter decor!  It’s make from burlap fabric, a Target Dollar Spot cutting board, jute and ribbon.  AND I have a FREE SVG and PNG files to go along with this project to help you recreate it!

    Learn how to make all of the above spring and Easter projects pictured above in this NEW video tutorial!  It will get your creative juices flowing and put that springtime buzz to create in your heart!