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  • “Dollar Tree Planter DIYs

    There are SO MANY DIFFERENT types of planters at Dollar Tree!  HUGE planters in the Dollar Tree+, colorful planters, terra cotta planters, tiered planters, different shapes of planters and I’m here for it!  There were even ones with hooks on them this year, how cool is that!?

    Grab yourself a few after watching this easy to follow video tutorial.  It shows you how to make several different projects with Dollar Tree planters you will fall in love with!  A few are featured in the photo below.

    The side table (bottom left photo shown above) is so good for outdoors!  The price of outdoor furniture and even side tables seems extremely high in most stores lately.  You can create your own for about $5.00 using Dollar Tree supplies!  Want to see how you can make your own? Watch this video tutorial!

    Of course this side table also works indoors too!

    The tulips in the photo above are ALSO a Dollar Tree craft that you can learn how to make in THIS POST.  They are beautiful with a high-end look but without the expensive price tag.

    The wood planter tutorial the tulip flowers are in you can learn to make in the video links below!

    Enjoy creative friends!

  • DIY Patio Decor

    After the long fall and winter season, porches, patios, decks, and entryways all seem to take on a beating, mine all do anyway.  A spring refresh is always something I always look forward to when it starts to warm up again.  A big time clean up, power wash, sweeping the cobwebs out, wiping everything down for a fresh start.

    Next is the fun – decorating and updating!  You can do that by adding a simple new door mat.  New outdoor pillows.  Add a new wreath to the front door. And your outdoor space now has instant new life!

    This video tutorial shows you easy ways to make your own outdoor decor!  Save money, purchase the plain wood for your wreath, solid color pillows to add your own design, an inexpensive door mat that you can turn into your own style that matches the rest of your outdoor decor.  It’s fun and rewarding when it all comes together!

    This door hanger is one of my favorite projects from this video tutorial.  Instead of the usual vinyl or painted stencil design on the front, I used a scotch marker.  Have you tried it before?  It’s SUPER easy!  You apply a stencil to the wood, color in the space, remove the stencil and let it sit for three minutes.  The catch here, you need a heat gun that has at least 1000+ watts.  It has to get HOT to get the burned wood effect. It is like MAGIC!  You get a wood burned look in a lot less time than using a wood burning tool, plus you get a cleaner look.

    See how it works in real time, by watching THIS VIDEO

  • $1 Peel & Stick Tile DIYs

    There are several different styles of these tiles available at Dollar Tree so grab your favorite and get to crafting!

    I have 10 simple and quick ideas in the video linked below.  From dressing up a vase and tray to making your own inexpensive but chic napkin rings!  

    This tray project only cost $2.50!  Can you believe the tray is from Dollar Tree too? The addition of the tile just made this piece look drab to high end!  I also used some Silver Leaf RubNBuff on the entire tray to give it a beautiful metallic finish.

    For MORE tile projects, just like this one, click the button below!

  • Organization HACKS

    Organization can be overwhelming!  I get it! So how do we get around the part that seems to keep us from even getting started?  VIDEO MOTIVATION!  It is always inspiring to see someone else turn their unorganized space into a fully functional space again!  Something about it is so satisfying and motivational all at the same time.

    This video is just the motivation you need!  It shows you 25 EASY ways to use Dollar Tree organization finds in your home, to help you get organized!   We are keeping it cheap, quick, and EASY!  You got this!  Use these simple tips and tricks to get your home organized again!

    This is just one of the ideas from the 25 in the above linked video.  Take a Dollar Tree divider, turned on its side, and use it as a self of sorts to hold small box organizers (also from Dollar Tree!)  Amplify your storage space X’s four with this genius HACK!

    What would you use this system for?  Craft supplies like beads, notions, small findings? In a workshop for nails, screws, washers? On your vanity for jewelry?  Let me know your ideas in the comments!

    Click the button below to watch more Dollar Tree organization ideas!