Are you spring cleaning?  Spring organizing?  I tend to have small moments of “I can’t handle ___this___ being a mess anymore.” And tackle things one by one, when I have the time.  Otherwise it gets to be overwhelming, and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives, now do we? 

In comes these simple, quick and easy organization solutions that will help with your clutter!  Even better, these ideas are ALL budget-friendly since we are using Dollar Tree finds!  Cheap and easy are a winning combination when it comes to organization.  And when things are clean and organized, we can all function in our day to day lives, a little easier.  That is my hope for you!  Check out the video tutorial below for so many great ideas to get you motivated to get cleaning and get organizing! 

Have you ever wanted a wrapping station? Didn’t want to spend a ton of money to do it?  Didn’t have the space to have one?  This ONE Dollar Tree item fixes all those problems.  It’s a HANDBAG organizer!  Can you even believe it? It has 3 pockets, it is small but mighty, and only $1.25!  Shown it has 5 rolls of (Dollar Tree) wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, scissors, tape and ribbon, all stored neatly together! So cute too, right!?

Now imagine this with all your Christmas wrapping supplies! So handy!

Want even more storage – make this double sided and add another one to the back and you have twice the storage space!  WOW! So so good for only $2.50 invested.

The hook at the top allows you to store it in a closet or on a screw on the wall, as shown.  Love that!

SEE MORE ways to use these Dollar Tree handbag organizers by clicking the video below.

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